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What is the related travel annual carbon footprint of German Football Bundesliga fans ?

Two German researchers collected the following self-reported data about age, sex, level of education, income, environmental values, club membership, favorite team and travel behavior in relation home and away matches (for 2018/19 season) via an online questionnaire (1). They included 539 fans and >50% of respondents were a member of their favorite club.

  • The average seasonal carbon footprint / fan was 311 kg CO2 eq (almost 3% of annual carbon footprint for a German)
  • Highest carbon footprints were found for FC Bayern Munich & RB Leipzig (i.e., 673.8 and 387kg CO2 eq )
  • Private car was the most used frequent mode of transport

The following factors were associated with higher carbon footprint: club membership, fan of Bayern or Leipzig. It’s important to note that income and environmental values were not significantly associated.

This study is a first approach of carbon footprint sport fans. The relative low carbon footprint associated with travels is relatively specific (i.e., geographical scale but also train and public transport availability). It should be very different, if same data were collected in NHL or NBA fans.

1. Loewen C, Wicker P. Travelling to Bundesliga matches: the carbon footprint of football fans. Journal of Sport & Tourism. 2021 May 27;0(0):1–20.  

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