Paquito Bernard, PhD

My research activity focuses on the effects and mechanisms of physical activity on mental health, and the health behavior change for a better health and a livable planet (CV).

  • Associate Professor, Department of Physical Activity Sciences, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Researcher, Research Center of Montreal Mental Health University Institute

ORCID  Researchgate – G Scholar – OSFSlideshare


  • Physical activity and mental health (major depressive disorders, schizophrania, chronic diseases)
  • Climate change and health (behaviors)
  • Psychology of health behaviors change


  • Psychology of physical activity and sport (Bsc)
  • Psychological perspectives for kinesiologists (Bsc)
  • Physical activity promotion and health behavior change (Bsc)
  • Mental health and physical activity (Msc)

More is different

« We each should cultivate our own valley, and not attempt to build roads over the mountain ranges … between sciences. Rather, we should recognize that such roads, while often the quickest shortcut to another part of our own science, are not visible form viewpoint of one science alone »

Anderson. P (1977) Science


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